Hong Kong

Hong Kong was the first stop on our month long journey to the East. Never having traveled quite so far- I was pretty much clueless about everything (weather, culture, customs) along with that, I had no idea what yoga scene to expect (I'd been prepped on the insane shopping options but...do they even have yoga?). Upon arriving I dialed our hotel concierge for suggestions.

We stayed at The Peninsula- Hong Kong which is on the Kowloon side of the island (think more authentic roots, less British influence). With the moniker "Grande Dame of the Far East" I knew they would know just the place.


They recommended to visit Pure Yoga Studio, conveniently located in the Peninsula Office Towers. It exceeded my unexpected expectations. Pure Yoga was by far the largest studio I'd ever laid eyes on, boasting 22,000 sq ft, complete with dazzling panoramic views of Victoria Harbor.

Pure Yoga HK's hours of operation are impressive, slightly shy of being open 24/7, they open at 6:45AM and close at 11PM, offering over 130 yoga classes weekly. Woah. Even with the intense jet lag I was out of any lazy excuses, fortunately the proximity & schedule made it impossible to fall out of my yoga routine. 

If you're planning to visit HK, they have 12 locations so make sure to find your way to one, you can visit their website here. Oh & if the name sounds familiar, its because it probably is! Pure Yoga also has a studio located in NYC.

Tayler SchultzComment