Top 10 Toys: 0-3 Months

  1. YAY! Mats - Brooklyn Cross - I love that I can leave this monochromatic mat in the middle of my living room without going crazy looking at it. It’s black & white, very sleek. Each pack comes with 6 non-toxic, BPA & phthalate free tiles, I ended up needing 3 packs to cover a big enough space to play on. Their website claims the B&W pattern is a contrasting puzzle for your baby’s brain - I have to say he does seem to stare at the mat during tummy time- bonus points for form + function.

  2. Manhattan Toy - Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile to Go - Not the cutest mobile, but my baby is obsessed with it. So much so that I bought 2. I keep one on his play gym. The other one I alternate between his stroller bassinet & the mirror in front of his car seat, the clip makes it easy to move around. He hasn’t gotten bored of this one yet...

  3. Lovevery Play Gym - He hasn’t had much interaction with the zones on the playmat - yet. It’s thoughtfully designed to offer different stimulation through 1 year. I love the way it looks & it’s a good home base for us to use during tummy time. Sometimes I place his boppy in the center & he’ll stare up at the mobile. The stronger he gets during tummy time the more I see him using this.

  4. Manhattan Toy - Classic Baby Beads - These non-toxic wooden beads are strung together with an elastic cord & can be molded into an endless number of configurations. It’s meant to be a sensory play item. He’s 12 weeks tomorrow & I’m just recently noticing him clutching & batting for objects.

  5. Cheengo - Robot Rattle - Aside from being adorable, it’s hand-crocheted made from the pulp of organically/sustainably harvested bamboo trees. The company provides their employees with free training, flexible working hours & fair wage.

  6. Jellycat - Beau Bunny Rattle - This rattle has the softest material- which all Jellycat stuffed animals are known for. I like the ring shape on this rattle because as he’s slowly able to grasp he holds it easily. He doesn’t have much control & still flings his arms involuntarily a bit- so this one is soft/safe.

  7. Finn + Emma - Mom Wood Rattle Teether - my list is heavy on the rattles ! 0-3 months there’s not really much else for them to do.. I love the mom motif of this one. They are made from untreated Indian hardwood, finished with non-toxic vegetable seed wax & filled with cooking beans. A great feature of this one is the beautiful rattle noise it makes. He loves when I shake it for him.

  8. Green Toys - My First Keys- Every baby needs their first set of keys. I’m happy to have found Green Toys this is just one example of cute things they make. They are eco friendly, made in the USA, using food-safe 100% recycled plastic. The keys are lightweight & they provide good practice for him to reach & grasp.

  9. Look Look by Peter Linenthal - I went crazy ordering books I must have around 50 (I’ll do a post on Shai’s mini library later). This one gets the most amount of use. i’ve learned that it’s good to read babies the same book over & over. I started reading him this one a few days after he was home from the hospital. The fish & star pages are his favorite & he has noticeably different reactions to each page.

  10. Wee Gallery - Art Cards for Baby - These 5“x7” B&W cards help to develop baby’s visual perception. It comes with 6 double sided cards in each pack. They offer lots of different categories, I bought him the sea collection. They have child friendly rounded corners & are made of sturdy cardboard printed with Soy Ink. Soy Ink is renewable, biodegradable & doesn’t contain harmful metals or chemicals.

Did I leave out any toys your baby loved 0-3 months? I hope I’ve helped introduce you to some safe non-toxic & educational brands that you might not have known about. Obviously as Shai grows his interests continue to evolve so much - I’ll keep updating a list of his favorite’s every 3 months. xo

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